Cremation Necklaces with Angle Wing and Paws



  • Peaceful paws are engraved on it.
  • Description: These cremation necklaces with angle wing and paws are suitable for the pets and your family as a keepsake. You can put dog's hair or cat's hair in it to honor your pets. Besides, you can also engrave some words you want.
  • Material: 316L stainless steel
  • Size: Small: 2.8*1.1*1.1cm ( 8.6*14mm inch); middle: 3.8*1.1*1.1cm (8.6*24mm inch); big: 4.8*1.1*1.1cm (8.6*34mm inch)
  • Chain: Cross chain + Adjustable chain: 55+5cm (Circle welding)
  • Included: All kits, velvet bag, warranty card, wipe cloth
  • Promise: We promise our products are good and are securely with a threaded screw, so don't worry about it.

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