How to take care of your cremation products?

1. About the material: Since the product is made of high-grade 304/316L stainless steel, no special maintenance is required during use.

2. Regarding gifts: We will give you a product maintenance manual and a dust-free wipe when we sell each product.

3. About waterproof: The product is waterproof and can be worn for bathing, but please do not wear it for swimming to avoid accidental damage to your precious memories.

4. About color fading: Silver products are the primary color of stainless steel and will not fade for life. Color-plated products (black/gold/blue) are all electroplated in a vacuum furnace. The lighter color will not appear mottled and faded, and does not affect the wearing. The color of the faded product is more retro and has another appreciation value.

5.Regarding scratches: only high-brightness mirror stainless steel products will have scratches and scratches. All products we sell will be tested before being put on the shelf to ensure that the customer has a good wearing experience before putting the products on the shelf. When we sell products, we will separate each small accessory from each other to prevent friction and scratches.

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